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DSRIP Opt-Out Mailing to Medicaid Benificiaries

DSRIP Opt-Out Mailing to Medicaid Benificiaries

Beginning February 19, 2018, New York State Department of Health (DOH) will resume mailings to Medicaid members informing them about the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP) program and providing them with the option to not share data with DSRIP and the Performing Provider Systems (PPSs). Approximately two million letters will be distributed to newly eligible Medicaid members. Previous mailings were conducted in 2015 and 2016. 

Below are some frequently asked questions you may have: 

When will these Medicaid DSRIP Opt-Out letters be sent?

The first set of letters went out in October and the second set went out in February 2016. Distribution of these letters will resume in February 2018 and continue to be distributed to eligible members on a monthly cadence through 2019. 

What is the opt-in or out process?

To opt out, patients have up to 30 days from the receipt of the mailing to opt out. They can complete the “opt out” form in their mailing or calling the Medicaid Call Center at 1 (855) 329-8850.
To opt in, patients do not have to do anything. Patients are automatically opted in to data sharing. Note that patients cannot opt out prior to receiving the mailing.

Can a Medicaid member change their mind after opting-out?

Yes, if a member originally opted-out, but would like to share their data with the PPS, they can call the Medicaid call center at 1-855-329-8850 and provide verbal permission. The call center will then notify DOH of this change.

How do I encourage my Medicaid patients to opt into data sharing for DSRIP?

It is important to emphasize that: Medicaid benefits and plan will not change because of DSRIP.
Partners should encourage patients to share data for DSRIP because it helps the PPS:
* Identify patients more quickly and better coordinate their care; and
* Paint a picture of the patient and offer them more appropriate resources.

What happens if my patient chooses to not share their data for DSRIP?

Opting out of data sharing will only limit Medicaid from sharing the patients’ information via claims data with the PPS. Individual providers can still share information with Medicaid, their insurance, other care providers, and others as allowed by privacy regulations.

How do I respond to questions about data security and confidentiality?

You should let patients know that this information will be kept confidential and for DSRIP use only. In the clinical setting, staff and health care professionals will only use information pertinent to their care of the patient. PPSs will use the information in compliance with state and federal privacy regulations.
It is important to respect their right to privacy, and encourage them to speak with a care manager or provider they feel comfortable with to help them make the right decision for them.

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